Keiff The Kameleon

When i was growing up i remember seeing a baby Chameleon, and thinking…

Wow He’s so cute and blue i would love one of those“.

This opinion would change quite dramatically due to owning my own one. This became a reality when i was to acquire one which had basically bonked his female too much and stressed her out so Keiffy came to live with us. Keiffy was named due to an episode of my favourite tv series states that the worst name in the english language is “Keith” so obviously when it came to naming my Chameleon it had to be one name for sure!!! Since then it may seem he took this Personally because he’s so grumpy :smile: This is actually a natural trait for the Veilled Chameleon species due to everything trying to hunt them in the wild. They are territorial tree dwellers and do not like to be handled. Some occassional Veiled chameleon have been known to be sociable but this is rare. Since becoming Keiffy this grumpy tree dweller, he’s also inspired me into making a Youtube channel. Kameleon Gaming was born from a series of events happening all at one time. I worked nights, i owned a chameleon called keiff and i loved playing Indie games especially beautifully pixelated graphics. I love great pixel art when it just flows in one seemless motion, Kinda like how a chameleon hunts, how they cameoflage themselves to make their scenery seem as if it is one flowing Image. Also my love for Youtube and what it allows creators to do. So i hope this has shed a bit of light on the background between myself and keiffy. Thank you as always. Stay Green. Kameleon Gaming w/ Keiffy